Atomsphere is a pure java implementation of the Atom news specification. It is a well designed and easy to use news feed library that integrates nicely with other software. It's written in pure java and can be easily integrated with other parts of your existing or new web application. It will work on any operating system supporting the JVM including Linux, Mac and Windows. It's FREE and Open Source with the Apache License!


  • A Java Runtime (version 5 or above).
  • An application to make use of the library.


  • Add the atomsphere-<version>.jar to the java classpath. The current version is 3.0.4
  • For a maven project, add the atomsphere library as a maven dependency to your project.


  • Downloads are available in the Maven Central Repository. The Source Code is hosted at GitHub
  • It comes with an intuitive, developer-friendly API (javadoc).
  • All objects in the library are serializable, immutable and thread-safe.
  • Minimal dependencies. Atomsphere only requires a stax-api implementation to work. So if you are on java 6 there are no dependencies needed.
  • In the spirit of Open Source Software, Atomsphere is licensed with the terms of the Apache License, Version 2.0.


  • Read a file from disk into a Feed bean.
    								Feed myFeed = new FeedDoc()
    	.readFeedToBean(new File("/myPath/myFeed.xml");
  • Read a file from the web into a Feed bean.
    								Feed myFeed = new FeedDoc()
    	.readFeedToBean(new URL("");
  • Read a Feed bean into a String.
    								String myFeedStr = myFeed.toString();
  • Read a Feed bean into a formatted String.
    								String myFeedStr = new FeedDoc()
  • Write a Feed bean to disk.
    new FeedDoc().writeFeedDoc(
    	new File("/somewhere/myFeed.xml"), myFeed, "UTF-8", "1.0");
  • Write a formatted Feed bean to disk.
    								new FeedDoc()
    	.writeFeedDoc(new javanet.staxutils.IndentingXMLStreamWriter(
    	XMLOutputFactory.newInstance().createXMLStreamWriter( new
    	FileOutputStream("/somewhere/myFeed.xml"), "UTF-8")), myFeed,"UTF-8", "1.0");

See Also

  • Visit the sister project RSSpect for using RSS 2.0 feeds.